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What is the average cost of living in Belize? Part II

How much do consumer goods cost in Belize?

The answer to this question will give you an indication on how expensive it will be for you to live or retire in Belize. On average consumer products in Belize cost less than in many western countries? This is because the average cost of living in Belize is much less than in the United States and Canada. However Belize is one of the most expensive countries in Central or South America. This is many due to its proximity to Mexico and due to the recent increase in Belizean investment. Although it may be more expensive than other countries such as Guatemala or Nicaragua, Belize can still be an attractive place to live.

The ultimate measure of consumer products are generally staple food items. In Belize the abundance of fresh fruits allow for low prices on staple items such as fruits and vegetables. If you purchase produce in Belize in season it will be considerably cheaper than purchasing fruit in the United States. Street side vendors or farmers markets are usually the best place to find cost effective produce. Prices vary but often times you can purchase an entire assortment of fruits, including Bananas, Apples, etc. for less than $5 US in total. If you can only live on processed foods or imported food products you will be forced to pay much higher premiums for your food goods. Imported goods require additional shipping and storage which essentially increases the price. Often times these items cost much more in Belize than in other countries. This is due to the economic size of Belize. Belize is a small country and economic purchasing scales of economy are not often met by Belizean purchasers. Consumer costs on staple foods can be easily managed in Belize on a very modest budget. For the sensible shopper a weekly food budget can be as low as $30 US dollars making sustaining a simple lifestyle in Belize very affordable.

Another great indicator of consumer costs of living in Belize is the price of alcoholic beverages. Like many Central American countries the cost of alcohol is very cheap in Belize. This factor is doubled if you want to drink locally produced spirits. Local spirits will be very cheap and often times, a few drink can cost less than a couple of dollars. Again if you fancy only the premium imported spirits, wines or lagers you may be in for an unpleasant surprise. With that being said, lower taxes on alcohol in Belize in comparison to Canada and the United States makes all beverages in Belize somewhat reasonable on a global scale.

Other costs in Belize can be a major factor in determining the average cost of living in Belize. Consider electricity. Due to economic scales and hydro electric efficiencies, electricity in Belize can often be quite expensive. The average electricity cost in Belize can often be upwards of $120 US dollars. Other costs such as telephone or internet also can be quite expensive due to the technological infrastructures relative inefficiencies in Belize. For example internet costs can cost upwards of $70 US per month in comparison to as low as $10 US per month in the United States. Despite these higher bill costs, Belize can still be an attractive place to live in, work or retire. Please consider that inflation is always a factor in a growing economy such as Belize.

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