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Looking for a job can be difficult enough in your own country. How about looking for a job or career in a foreign country? This can be a real challenge, but, with the right resources finding a job in Belize might not be that difficult after all.

The first the to consider about Belize employment is what industry you will be working in. Accounting? Real Estate? Personal Finance or Banking? These are all high demand careers in Belize. Why? More and more North American companies are choosing to relocate financial assets to offshore Caribbean and Central American countries. The offshore accounts of these companies often have favorable tax treatment and are sometimes not taxed at all. Therefore finding jobs in these industries in Belize is becoming easier every day as the country expands.

The country has also been expanding in many other areas such as tourism and services catering to ex patriots. If you are familiar with North American or European culture you might be considered a real asset as an employee in Belize in these industries.

How about starting your own business in Belize? This is more of a possibility today than it has been ever before. With rules recently changes to make it easier to move an incorporated US business into the country the Belizean government is making strides to tear down the borders of the country and attract foreign investment.

So with all these options available to you, where do you start? First, try looking at the US or Canadian consulate offices in Belize. Contact the appropriate office for your country. The consulates often have ample amounts of information customized to people in your position. As well the Belize embassy in your local city may be another good spot to start to put together a financial plan for your pending move and employment search. Third, have a look at your local bookstore or on for information on moving to Belize, as many books have recently been published on the subject due to the new popularity of this lifestyle choice.  

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